Well, what an adventure we had at Vacation Bible School this year! 17 kids shared a 3-day virtual Wilderness Adventure to learn how God Guides & Provides! I had so much fun seeing the kids via zoom & sharing the stories of the Bible through crafts, games, music & even snacks!  I created this VBS, bought all the supplies & my family & I packed them all up in baggies for each day & put them in a backpack. Families picked up the backpacks of supplies, explorer hats & canteens & were equipped to have fun!

On Day One we learned about the story of creation & how God wants us to take care of our world, did a color scavenger hunt, made a creation poster & had fruit snacks or bunny crackers for snack time.

On Day Two, we learned about the story of Joshua & the Battle of Jericho & how God can direct us & help us if we ask.  We had Lego building wall contests, a Windy Demolition Game, sand art craft & the choice of Bugles or mini chocolate chip cookies for our snack.

On Day Three, we learned about the story of Jesus on the cross & the two thieves & how we need to have faith when we walk with Jesus. We played a minute to win it game with Oreos & found that the path of life is not always easy. We had music every day & a special 30-minute session with our preschool families. We did a lot of what the big kids did but we also had some special games/crafts sorting animal stickers into whether the animal lived on the land or in the water, did a special painting with water of Joshua, & created a storm with special effects as we heard the story of how Jesus calmed the storm.  Lots of fun was had!!

I continue to add lessons to the Virtual Sunday School Website each week. We are currently finishing the summer with a 6-week session on Science with Jesus & learning about the Miracles of Jesus! Dr. Hairball & Dr. Lipschtick (aka Mr. & Mrs. Proffitt) have been performing some fun experiments & sharing the stories of Jesus miracles.  There have also been videos, music, crafts & games.  We just finished the story of the miracle of Jesus walking on water & Peter struggling with his faith to do the same. We pretended to be illustrators for the story.

Piper Wagner drew these great pictures to go with our story! She did a wonderful job & I thank her for sharing them with all of us!

Please continue to share your projects with me through email as I love to see what all of you make at home!!!

The link to the Sunday school website is here: https://sites.google.com/view/eandrucc-ce/home

as well as on our church Facebook page & on our church website! I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how I can make the site better!  Please check it out & feel free to share with anyone you feel might enjoy it😊

With the beginning of this school year we are being faced with many challenges, changes & uncertainty.  With this being the case, the Board of Education & I decided to do a survey of the families & teachers to investigate where everyone’s comfort level was with beginning in person Sunday school, see what the Waukesha School District was going to decide, look at information from the CDC & the Council of Churches recommendations. Based on all of this information & much discussion, it was decided that Sunday school, confirmation & Trailblazers will remain virtual until the Board of Education meets again mid-October with the hope of resuming in person Sunday school the beginning of November.

We’ll then have a better idea of how things are going in the schools, will give me time to figure out teacher positions for all grade levels/classes & hopefully negate the need to switch back & forth between virtual & in-person lessons which is difficult for planning purposes. We’ll continue with our online Sunday school web-based lessons at this time.  I will also be reaching out to the preschool families to see how I can better assist them with Sunday school whether it is via a 30-minute zoom session or other means.

There will be no website Sunday school lessons the week of August 30th & September 6th.  Virtual Sunday school via the website will resume September 13th & will continue through October.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about any of this information, please feel free to contact me or anyone on the Board of Education.

I will continue to pray for all our families during this time and hope that you all stay well and value the time you have together.  God bless you and may He bring us all together again soon!