Deep Sea Discovery: Diving into the Bible”

The Virtual Sunday School Website started the Sunday School year off with a Bible Basics Boot Camp Bash!!!  Kids learned how important the Bible is to us and how it is made up of all kinds of stories that when we put them all together, help us guide our lives. Bible Basics Boot Camp will continue through the month of October.

Soldiers train themselves to be ready for whatever situation they find themselves in. They start out in Basic Training, where they lay the foundation for their career as soldiers. We can use God’s word to help us train so that we can live for God. These lessons will teach kids 7 important Bible Basics to lay the foundation for a lifetime of faith. Kids will learn some facts about the Bible, how to use their Bible, learn about the first book of the Bible and how God wants us to care for the world He created, how we can grow and use the Bible for guidance and to follow God. We have some fun skits planned with Sargent Proffitt and Private Jones, fun crafts and even a cooking lesson! There are also fun songs and printables to help learn our lessons. Last week, we read a story on oil spills and completed a science experiment to see different ways that oil spills can be cleaned up and talked about ways that we can take care of our planet. Lots of fun to come so please check out the website each week! Also, please continue to share your projects with me through email as I love to see all that you make at home!!!

There is also a special Preschool/Kindergarten section on the website! Materials were mailed to all the students in this grade level to use with the craft section of the lesson.  If you did not receive one, or know of another family that might be interested, I do have a few copies left.

Preschoolers are learning how God made the world and everything in it, and towards the middle of October will learn about Moses. They have been doing this through crafts of making question/answer cards, making the creation story, story time, guess what is in Mrs. Proffitt’s paper bag and even had a virtual tour of Mrs. Proffitt’s “little” garden. 😊

The link for this Sunday school website is: The link is also on our church Facebook page and our church website as well.

Please check it out and feel free to share with anyone you feel might enjoy it! 😊 I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how I can make the site better.

I will continue to pray for all our families during this time and hope that you all stay well and value the time you have together.  God bless you and may He bring us all together again soon!