God’s Galaxy: A Mission of Faith

We finished our first rotation for the year which was on the Creation story! We had a blast making clay creations of the story in CD cases, taking remote control cars through a creation story obstacle course to learn the order of the days & wrote our own creation poem using a computer program!

We are on to the next rotation which is the story of Abraham! During this rotation, the students are learning to define covenant & blessing & identify them in their own lives, recognize that anything is possible with God & to tell the story of Abraham & Sarah in their own words. In art, they are learning the meaning of their own names & creating an art piece of words that describe them. In cooking the students are making “sand pudding” & discussing God’s covenant with Abraham (“I will surely bless you & make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky & as the sand on the seashore.” Genesis 22:17a) Finally, in games we are playing Jenga by answering questions & spinning a wheel to explore the story.  So much fun & learning of the stories of the Bible going on, you don’t want to forget to invite your family, friends & neighbors to join us!

Preschool/Kindergarteners have also been learning about the story of creation, Abraham & Noah!  They have been having fun learning all about the stories of the Bible through coloring, story time, dancing to cool music & playing in the water table.

Mission: Our first is a local mission. We’re raising money for the Waukesha Fire Dept for purchasing educational materials used to teach students on fire safety & what to do if a fire happens in their home. This information can save lives! For every dollar that a student brings in, they’ll get to put a fire engine on our mission wall. We’ll do this for the next couple of months & see how much money we can raise. If your students’ complete chores at home &/or gets an allowance, this is a great time to help them start learning about giving some to help others. Thank you.

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