Deep Sea Discovery: Diving into the Bible”

Happy Spring!  We started back to a slimmed down in-person Sunday school with social distancing and masks required in March and have averaged around 11 students each week.  It has been wonderful to see all the kids and do some fun Easter Crafts to help us remember the stories! I continue to also offer lessons on our website as another option to continue our learning!

In March we learned about “The Building Blocks of Easter”! Using colored Legos to help us remember the stories, we used “green” Legos to remind us of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, “black” represented Peter’s betrayal, “red” reminded us of the blood shed of Jesus on the cross for us, and “white” for the resurrection.  We have also been busy making a special takeaway for the congregation during the Easter worship service.

In April, we will be finishing the year with the theme of “Bible Cookies”! Yummy!  We will take a different cookie each week and use it to learn and remember some of the parables of Jesus.  We will review some of the parables we heard last summer and learn about some new ones too!  It will be a “delicious” 6 weeks! Hope you’ll join us in-person or on our web site!

The Preschoolers/Kindergarteners have learned about Jesus stopping the storm, healing a young girl, and feeding a crowd.  They heard the stories and made “Praise Waves” and “Thank-You Place Mats.”  In April, they will learn about more healing miracles of Jesus.  They will make “Bible Story Bags”, “Thank-You Door Hangers” and a “Memory Match Game”.  Different crafts will be provided for our on-line students so don’t forget to check out our website!