A HUGE THANK YOU to the following people for helping with the construction of our new Sunday school theme . . .

God’s Galaxy: A Mission of Faith:

Deb Hink, Joe & Toni Perez, Diane & Donny Backler, Karen & Eric Olson, Dawn & Michaela Faulk, Lora Witt & friend Sam, Camryn, Cadence, Calleigh & Grant Skorno & Adeline Schwind. And, of course, none of this would have been possible without my wonderful husband, Greg & his engineering skills to take my ideas & make them real! These people put in hours of work, painting, gluing, creating & decorating to make the theme come alive! I’m so very grateful!

With that being said, if you have not taken a visit upstairs yet, please do so & look at what all these wonderful people created! You’ll also see where your toilet paper rolls & egg cartons were used. Recycle, renew, reuse!

Don’t forget to add your name to our Blessing Wall!

God’s Galaxy: A Mission of Faith

We started off our Sunday school year with a Bible Blastoff where we completed a scavenger hunt, played an indoor frisbee game called “The Black Hole” & raced books of the Bible to the other side of the moon on our lunar rovers (scooter boards)!  So much fun!

We’ve now started our first rotation on the Creation story. For the next 3 weeks students will be learning that Genesis means beginning & that it is the first book of the Bible. They’ll be learning to locate the Creation story in their Bibles & that God created the world & everything in it. They’ll also be describing ways that we can take care of God’s creation. Through art, they’ll create their own clay creation pictures in CD cases, in games, take remote control cars through a creation story obstacle course to learn the order of the days & tell how they can take care of God’s creation & finally, they’ll complete a Bible computer program to learn more & write their own Creation poem.

Invite your family, friends & neighbors to join us in the fun of learning the stories of the Bible.

Mission: Our first this year will be a local mission. We’re raising money for student educational programs for the Waukesha Fire Department. The money goes towards the purchasing of the educational materials used to teach students on fire safety & what to do if a fire happens in their home. This information can save lives! For every dollar that a student brings in, they’ll get to put a fire engine on our mission wall. We’ll do this for the next couple of months & see how much money we can raise. If your students’ complete chores at home &/or gets an allowance, this is a great time to help them start learning about giving some to help others. Thank you.

New SS Theme Pictures