Happy Spring!

The first day of spring fell on a Sunday this year and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate together in worship. We shared our favorite things about spring – flowers emerging, trees budding, grass turning green, birds singing, and my favorite, spring peepers (frogs) – and we noticed that spring and Lent are similar.

Spring is a season when many living things transform, when what has been dormant, awakens. Lent is season where we intentionally seek

to transform ourselves and our relationship with God and others as we journey to the cross with Jesus.

To do that, something in us might need to go dormant, like complaining, or criticizing, or sarcasm, or comparing ourselves with others. Or something might need to be awakened or resurrected, like compassion, kindness, gratitude, or joy. We might also need to let go of something from our past, or some hurt or anger we feel, while also making amends in some of our relationships. Whatever we do, it will require self-evaluation, self-reflection, and discernment.

This is also what we will be doing as a congregation in the months to come – evaluating and reflecting on who we have been and who we are currently, and then discerning who God calls us to be now and in the future. To do that, we may need to ask ourselves what, if anything, needs to go dormant, needs to be awakened or resurrected, needs to be let go, and needs to be amended (repaired) in our congregation. Of course, we will not be doing this alone. God is with us, guiding, advising, comforting, and loving us. Plus, we have each other to pray with, talk with, and lean on.

Doing this work, whether as individuals or as a congregation, can be joyful, scary, gratifying, frustrating, comforting, and unsettling, all at the same time. If you are feeling overwhelmed by it, know that I am here for you too, to listen, pray with, and encourage.

How wonderful it is that we are doing this work in spring when we can see new life emerging all around us. May the flowers, trees, grass, birds, and frogs all remind you of the beauty that transformation produces and of all that God can do with and amongst us.

In joyful hope,

Pastor Christine