Sunday School:

Age 3 through 6th grade.

Meet upstairs on Sundays at 9 am from September through May.

Children join their families in worship on the 1st Sunday of each month for Communion Sunday/Family Worship.

Deep Sea Discovery: Diving into the Bible!

We just started our last rotation of the year on Palm Sunday.  The students are learning to locate the story of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry in the New Testament of the Bible and learning that this story is found in all 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  They are learning that Jesus came to Jerusalem along with thousands of others to celebrate the Jewish Passover, and that he knew it would lead to confrontation over his identity and mission, and that the story begins the events of Holy Week. They will also learn the meaning of the word Hosanna (“Save us!”) and that the people expected a king to save them.  Yet the crowd misunderstood what sort of Savior Jesus was.  They are doing this through computers (“The Life of Christ” program), art (completing a poster on Holy week and making Jelly Bean Prayer packets to give out on Easter Sunday), games (Road to Jerusalem game and a Hosanna Trivia basketball game), and sign making (making “rally” signs for Palm Sunday).


. . .  are now learning how Jesus is powerful.  How Jesus stops a storm, heals a young girl, feeds a crowd, and heals a blind man.  They will be doing this through stories, making Thank-you Place Mats, making Bible Story Bags, water painting, and music.  They will also hear the Easter story and have their own Palm Sunday paradeJ