Sunday School:

Age 3 through 6th grade.

Meet upstairs most Sundays at 9 am.

Children join their families in worship on the 1st Sunday of each month for Communion Sunday/Family Worship.

I want to thank all the families, teacher, shepherds, and congregation for their continued support of our Sunday school program!  I also want to thank all those who helped with the Sunday school Christmas program, “A Christmas Going Nowhere”.   The kids did a fabulous job and it couldn’t have been done without the help of so many!  Thanks to Mike Suchecki for taking care of the sound system/ microphones, Greg Proffitt for helping with the power point and a ton of other stuffJ, Chris Wray for picking up the pizza, and Joe Perez for taking pictures/videoing.  Thanks to Joel Matthys for taking time out of his busy schedule to play piano for us!  Also, thanks to the youth for helping with practice and working with the preschoolers/kindergarteners and Emily Suchecki for helping with directing.  A special thank you to Dawn Coryell for making more beautiful costumes this year, Janet Horrell, Cindy Bockman and Debra Hink for helping with the costumes, Linda Hink and Laura Ahtonen for help in the kitchen and Lorie Juno for leading our preschoolers/kindergarteners.  Finally, I would like to thank Pastor Bob for his ongoing support!  It truly takes a great team to make the program happen!  Thank you and God bless you all in the New Year!