Hello Kids, Hello Parents . . .

Wilderness Adventure Vacation Bible School is coming soon via Zoom. Explore with us July 21st-23rd! Click here to see the 2020 VBS Flier for full details! Invite your friends and register today at: https://tinyurl.com/WildernessVBS.

Click here to join us for Virtual Sunday School

Sunday School:

Age 3 through 6th grade.

Typically, children will join their families in worship on the 1st Sunday of each month for Communion Sunday/Family Worship. It is our hope that they join their families every week during our time apart.


Today is a rainy day but I am grateful as the our grass and flowers are thirsty😊 While we still are unable to be together in person, I am grateful for the technology and ways that we are all able to share in God’s love and learn about the stories of the Bible.

I continue to add lessons to the Virtual Sunday School Website each week. The month of June has included campfire stories on the Parables of Jesus.  We have focused on ones that may not be as familiar as some of the rest including the Wise and Foolish Builders and the Unforgiving Servant. We’ve made House on the Rock Smores, did worksheets, and made Father’s Day cards as well!

Survey results revealed that most people who are using the Sunday school website are enjoying it, use it on days other than Sunday, and liked the live Sunday school zoom session as well.   Questions were also asked about Vacation Bible School which will be done via zoom with Mrs. Proffitt per survey results. (See flier, right g).

Typically, after I add a new lesson to the Sunday school website, I resend the link out to our families, so they know that a new lesson has been added. Families can find a time when it is convenient for them to access the lesson and have some fun learning about the stories of the Bible. I also repost the link to our church Facebook page and it is located on our church website as well! I appreciate any feedback, as this is a work in progress, and I am learning as I go, so if you have any suggestions on how I can make the site better, please let me know!

The link for this website is noted below. Please check it out & feel free to share with anyone you feel might enjoy it!


I will continue to pray for all our families during this time and hope that you all stay well and value the time you have together.  God bless you and may He bring us all together again soon!