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Sunday School:

Age 3 through 6th grade.

Children join their families in worship on the 1st Sunday of each month for Communion Sunday/Family Worship.

The first day of spring is just around the corner & we’ve been busy as bees in Sunday school!  Our grade school students have started a rotation on “The Beatitudes” & are learning to locate the scripture, become familiar with the meaning of each of the Beatitudes, understand the meaning of some of the vocabulary & contrast the behavior which the world values versus the behavior Jesus values!  They are learning this through the workshops of art, games, computers & cooking.

In art, the students are making a Beatitudes Lapbook to reinforce & become more familiar with the Beatitudes.  In games, they are they are playing Beatitudes Bingo to reinforce their familiarity with the Beatitudes & to learn the meanings of unfamiliar words & phrases.  They are also playing a Board Race Game to discuss what the world says makes for a happy life, what we say & what God says leads to a happy life.  In computers, the students are playing “Galilee Flyer”, a computer game in which they search for & match Beatitude verses & answer questions about them, then land their plane & get their pilot ranking.  In cooking, the students are seeing that the teachings of Jesus have definite purpose, then & now.  They are practicing putting someone else’s needs first (humility) & also letting someone else serve them (accepting help). Lots of fun & learning!

In March, our Preschool/Kindergarten class will be learning how Jesus does great things, that Jesus is the Son of God & that the Church tells about Jesus.  They will learn this through storytelling, making a Jesus’ Power Flyer, coloring Follow Jesus Cards, & taking care of “sick animals & baby dolls” in our Get-Well HospitalJ  It will be a lot of fun & learning so hope you’ll all join us!

Finally, we'll be finishing our national mission this month which is supporting the UCC Disaster Ministries to help Puerto Rico. The UCC Disaster Ministries has issued an emergency appeal to assist the people of the island as they struggle to regain power & get water.  For every $1 that your child brings in they will put a brick on the wall of our house as we try & raise $150 towards this project.